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Why should you protect your business from ransomware attacks? Here's 10 good reasons...

November 30, 2018




In a recent survey, 99% of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) predict significant increases in ransomware attacks over the next 2 years. The report was conducted by our disaster recovery partner Datto – who surveyed 1,700+ MSPs that serve...

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What is Social Engineering and what does it means to your business?

November 27, 2018




PART 1 of 3

Cyber social engineering scams have been around for more than a decade and yet people continue to fall for them every day. Down to a lack of awareness and basic cybersecurity training, people fall for the same tricks every day.

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Why you should read the Terms and Conditions… you really should!

November 26, 2018




Scroll, scroll and scroll some more, look for the ‘Agree’ button and sign your life away. Terms and Conditions are in fact, a contract. They are a contract between you and the company you are using. So, when they are so important… why do...

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Recruiting for 2nd Line Engineers

November 09, 2018


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Recruiting for 3rd Line Engineers

November 08, 2018


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claireLOGIC Sponsors Local Charity Event – in aid of Cancer Research UK

October 31, 2018




Last month we were delighted to be able to help a local darts charity event, in support of Cancer Research UK.

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Having fun?

October 03, 2018



Are you enjoying life? We spend a lot of time at work. How's that working out for you? I believe when you're at the office it’s important to have a good atmosphere which promotes excellence in work and promotes development at a personal level...

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Don’t get stung by fake Microsoft and BT scammers

September 20, 2018





We are receiving a steady increase of support calls from clients who are falling foul of fake support calls – scammers pretending to be from either Microsoft, BT or your bank!

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claireLOGIC hit peak performance last month – but we’re not complacent…

August 23, 2018


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At claireLOGIC we’re serious about our team's personal development

August 15, 2018



We strive to get better - not only as a business, but also as individuals.

Recently, several of the claireLOGIC team attended a training day entitled "How To Be Brilliant". The bulk of the day was run by Michael Heppell. If you’ve not heard...

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