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Informative content on the latest trends, best practice and things to watch out for…

We regularly share informative content on the latest trends, best practice and things to watch out for…

NEWS: Microsoft sink data centre into the North Sea – to investigate whether it can boost energy efficiency

  Image: APS This week Microsoft will submerge a small data-rig into the sea, off the coast of Orkney, Scotland (UK). The project is being undertaken to investigate whether or not the inherently low sea temperatures can naturally cool the onboard servers, and in turn, boost efficiency. Almost all tech equipment that we use works more efficiently when used at the right temperature. Servers and high-capacity server farms can get incredibly hot if climate-controlled rooms are not used; the cost to cool units alone can be a burden financially and environmentally.

Team claireLOGIC conquer the OX5 RUN

    We were pleased to have a team at the OX5 RUN event at the weekend. Between us we have raised over £1,000 for the Oxford Hospitals Charity. The 5-mile run was in the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace. Our Operations Manager Mark Sachse completed the course in the quickest time; 44 minutes! He isn't letting us forget that!

Recruiting for 3rd Line IT Engineers in Oxfordshire and London

    Due to continued expansion, claireLOGIC is seeking to recruit a talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team providing 3rd Line support as well as some end-user technical support via email, telephone, remote desktop and on-site.  

Recruiting 2nd Line IT Engineers

  Due to continued expansion, claireLOGIC is seeking to recruit talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team providing 2nd Line support to our wide range of clients via email, telephone, remote desktop and on-site. It's a very varied working environment!

Watch out for fake Bitcoin Facebook adverts!

  We've noticed an increase in fake adverts doing the rounds on Facebook. Take a look at the advert below:

Is someone watching you through your TV? Could your AGA be hacked?

    Many of us may welcome new smart gadgets and devices into our homes. They might have an impressive touchscreen or a smartphone app that allows you to control them from wherever you are, whenever – making life a little bit more fun (if that’s your kind of thing) and easier than before. Yet behind the sleek designs and the impressive functionality that seemed rather space-age even ten years ago, there is a more sinister side to these smart devices, from dishwashers to AGAS, and even your TV.

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Fed up with online ads? Possibly not for much longer…

     Earlier in the year Google announced it was going to be imposing greater restrictions on online advertising, making browsing far easier and far less annoying for some of us. Google makes huge amounts of revenue from its very own online advertising however, so how is this going to work? Currently Google pays fees to third-party blockers such as Adblock Plus, to whitelist (i.e. allow) its ads and it is most likely aiming to stop this from happening (whilst saving money) by becoming an ad blocker itself. And if Google offers its own ad blocker in Chrome that targets specific types of bothersome ads, fed-up users won’t actively seek out a way to block profitable advertising. This will make the ads that are seen more palatable for the viewer and Google will continue to generate advertising revenue. Ads that most of us find particularly annoying include auto-playing video ads with sound, pop-up ads that obscure the screen, and prestitial ads that wait for a countdown. These could all be automatically blocked by Google on Chrome which 60% of us use. Is this Google controlling more of what we do and see or is it a benefit for all of us?  

What is layered security and why do you need it?

  Protecting your IT systems is so important, especially with data laws being fortified through GDPR and regular news updates circulating around malware and viruses almost becoming the daily norm. Most companies and charities now have a certain level of IT protection in place, but is your security “layered”?  

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