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Informative content on the latest trends, best practice and things to watch out for…

We regularly share informative content on the latest trends, best practice and things to watch out for…

Avoiding a near-miss…How claireLOGIC supported Oakey Automotive Services fight-off the hackers.

  Oakey’s are a car and van repair garage based in Oxfordshire. They were established in the early 80’s and now deliver specialist diesel vehicle repairs, servicing and MOT testing – the business has also recently expanded their range of offerings to include Motorhomes and caravan repairs and habitation servicing.

Why should you protect your business from ransomware attacks? Here's 10 good reasons...

      In a recent survey, 99% of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) predict significant increases in ransomware attacks over the next 2 years. The report was conducted by our disaster recovery partner Datto – who surveyed 1,700+ MSPs that serve 100,000+ small-to-mid-sized businesses globally. They found that ransomware attacks have soared in recent years, with nearly all surveyed predicting significant increases due to continue... So what can you do?

What is Social Engineering and what does it means to your business?

      PART 1 of 3 Cyber social engineering scams have been around for more than a decade and yet people continue to fall for them every day. Down to a lack of awareness and basic cybersecurity training, people fall for the same tricks every day.

Don’t get stung by fake Microsoft and BT scammers

  We are receiving a steady increase of support calls from clients who are falling foul of fake support calls – scammers pretending to be from either Microsoft, BT or your bank!

Cyber security: Understand the threat to your business

  Right now, a business is being attacked. And while the criminals behind the attack might never be identified, they’re absolutely professional in their approach – and they can cost you a fortune and your credibility. Last year alone, 17million British people were victims of cyber crime, yet incredibly, not everyone gives cyber security the consideration it demands. 

Watch out for fake Bitcoin Facebook adverts!

  We've noticed an increase in fake adverts doing the rounds on Facebook. Take a look at the advert below:

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